Nonprofit Studies courses are offered in a variety of formats.  Depending on the course, you can take classes online, face-to-face, or in a blended format.  In blended courses, part of the class meets face-to-face, while the remainder of the material is covered online. The ratio of online coursework versus face-to-face instruction may vary by class.  Search here to learn the specific meeting dates and times for courses of interest. 

Course Title Typically Offered Format
PACS 3000 Pathways to Civic Engagement Fall & Spring OL, BL
PADM 4200 Leadership Theory & Practice for Volunteer Managers Fall OL
PADM 4210 Introduction to Philanthropy & Fundraising Spring OL
PADM 4220 Proposal Writing & Grants Administration Spring OL, BL
PADM 4230 Social Evolution of Contemporary Volunteerism Spring OL
PADM 4240 Volunteer Management Concepts & Applications Fall OL
PADM 4250 Community Resource Mapping & Collaboration Spring OL
PADM 4260 Volunteer Program Planning & Evaluation Fall OL
PADM 4300 Nonprofit Leadership Capstone Fall FTF
PADM 4310 Community Service Internship Fall FTF
PADM 3700 Issues in Public Administration – Nonprofit Management Fall FTF
JOUR 3410 Public Relations for Nonprofits Fall & Spring FTF


BL = Course is available in blended format and is offered partly online and partly face-to-face.
FTF = Course is a traditional face-to-face offering.
OL = Course is offered completely online.