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What is a nonprofit organization?

Nonprofit organizations are tax-exempt businesses that serve the public good. Examples of nonprofit organizations include charities, hospitals, universities, animal shelters, relief groups, and churches.

Are there good job opportunities in the nonprofit sector?

Currently, over two million nonprofit organizations operate in the United States and employ nearly 10% of the country's workforce. Since 2008, growth in jobs and wages in the nonprofit sector has surpassed that in both the government and private industry (Urban Institute, 2011).

Do I have to be enrolled at UNT to take a Nonprofit Studies course?

You must be enrolled at UNT in order to take Nonprofit Studies courses. These courses are not offered through continuing education. 

Am I required to take Nonprofit Studies courses in a specific order?

You may take Nonprofit Studies in any order that works best for your schedule. You may also be enrolled in more than one of these courses in the same semester. Two courses, PADM 4300 and PADM 4310 are completed after all other required and supporting course work is completed.

May I take courses for the academic certificate on a pass/fail basis?

You may NOT take any of the required or elective courses pass/fail for the academic certificate in Volunteer and Community Resource Management. In addition, you must have a cumulative average of 3.0 (B) or higher in the four certificate courses. Any course with a final grade less than a "C" will not count toward this credential irrespective of the cumulative grade point average in certificate courses.

May I apply similar courses that I have completed at another university toward the academic certificate or minor?

Students who wish to count similar coursework taken at another university toward either the academic certificate or minor must have approval from the Department of Community & Professional Programs. Please note that no more than 3 hours of similar coursework taken from another institution may be applied toward the academic certificate.

How do I get my academic certificate?

Students should apply to receive the academic certificate during the semester they expect to successfully complete all the necessary coursework. Applications are available at the College of Health & Public Service Advising Office in Chilton Hall - 289.  For more information, contact Trey Anderson, the program advisor.  

Does UNT offer graduate courses in Nonprofit Studies?

Four graduate courses in Nonprofit Studies are offered by the Department of Public Administration:

* PADM 5040 - Nonprofit Management

* PADM 5700 - Public-Nonprofit Partnerships

* PADM 5700 - Fund Development in Nonprofits

* PADM 5700 - Capacity Building in Nonprofits

Graduate students may also elect to take Nonprofit Studies courses offered by the Department of Community & Professional Programs at the undergraduate level; however, they will not receive graduate credit for these courses.

Is there a Nonprofit Leadership Student Association?

The major is just beginning, and students have not yet formed a student association. The Department will initiate events throughout the semester to bring interested students together to foster leadership in this area. Please let us know if you are interested in starting an association