Undergraduate Degree

Nonprofit Leadership Studies 2018-2019

The Nonprofit Leadership Studies undergraduate degree is designed to prepare students for a career in the nonprofit sector. Students will learn the essentials of managing and leading nonprofit organizations such as marketing, operations, management, and leadership. Courses will examine volunteer management and recruitment, fundraising, grant writing, philanthropy, leadership, finance, and community resources. Courses will be offered using the traditional in class model and supported with blended classes and online courses to support busy students. Faculty members are already actively participating in the DFW nonprofit community and will provide an important bridge between students and this growing industry.

A major in Nonprofit Leadership Studies requires 57 semester credit hours. 33 hours of required courses, 15 hours of supporting courses for the major, and 9 nonprofit and leadership studies electives. A major in Nonprofit Leadership Studies will help equip student with these competencies:

  • Analytical mind for financial management, budget, and transparency
  • Foundation for nonprofit management, ethics, and managing volunteers
  • Analytical thinking and the fundamentals of cross-sector relationships
  • Structures that govern nonprofits
  • Societal trends on programs and projects
  • Fundraising, operations, proposal writing, research and evaluation


 Required Courses (33 hours)

PADM 3010

Foundations of Philanthropy & Nonprofits

PADM 4240

Volunteer Management and Concepts & Applications

PADM 3400

Introduction to Financial Mgmt. for Nonprofit Organizations

PADM 4250

Community Resource Mapping & Collaboration

PADM 4200

Leadership Theory and Practice for Volunteer Managers

PADM 4260

Volunteer Program Planning & Evaluation

PADM 4210

Introduction to Philanthropy and Fundraising

PADM 4300               

Nonprofit Leadership Capstone  

PADM 4220

Proposal Writing & Grants Administration

PADM 4230

Social Evolution of Contemporary Volunteerism

PADM 4310

Community Service Internship




Supporting Courses for the Major (15 hours – Choose 5 courses)

PADM 3020

Public Management

PADM 4610

Topics in Comm. Service (May Be repeated)

PADM 3030

Managing Nonprofit Organizations

JOUR 3410

Public Relations for NP

PADM 4000


MGMT 3850 or MGMT 4235

Entrepreneurship or
Social Entrepreneurship

PADM 4050

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

COMM 2040**

Public Speaking

PADM 4170

Introduction to Research in the Social Sciences

PADM 4010

Family Mediation


Nonprofit & Leadership Studies Electives (9 hours – Choose three courses)

PADM 2100**

Cultural Competency in Urban Governance

PADM 4040

Crisis Intervention

PADM 3000

Public Administration

PADM 4050

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

PADM 3020

Public Management

PADM 4060

Practicum in Mediation and Dispute Resolution

PADM 3030

Managing Nonprofit Organizations

PADM 4070

Arbitration Basics

PADM 3410

Financial Aspects of Government

PADM 4130

American Intergovernmental Relations

PADM 3420

Bureaucracy and Public Policy

PADM 4170

Introduction to Research in the Social Sciences

PADM 3700

Issues in Public Administration

PADM 4450

Public Policy Analysis

PADM 4000


PADM 4610

Topics in Community Service (May Be repeated)

PADM 4010

Family Mediation

PADM 4900

Special Problems

PADM 4020

Dispute Resolution in the Workplace

PADM 4910

Special Problems

PADM 4030

Dispute Resolution in the Global Workplace

PADM 4920

Cooperative Education in Economic Development or Regional/Sectoral Analysis

*Consult with NPL Academic Advisor for additional information
*See all prerequisites 
**   PADM 2100 AND COMM 2040 can satisfy both general academic requirements and major requirements

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