Program Offerings

Major: B.S. in Nonprofit Leadership Studies

The major in Nonprofit Leadership Studies requires 33 hours of required courses, 15 hours of supporting courses for the major, and 9 nonprofit and leadership studies electives. Courses will be offered using the traditional in class model and supported with blended and online courses to support busy students. For more information on this major, please contact HPS Advising Office for assistance   

The Nonprofit Leadership Studies undergraduate degree is designed to prepare students for a career in the nonprofit sector with a skillset transferable to the public and private sector. Students will learn the essentials of managing and leading nonprofit organizations such as:

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Management, and
  • Leadership 

Courses include topics such as volunteer management and recruitment, fundraising, grant writing, philanthropy, leadership, finance, and community resources.

A major in Nonprofit Leadership Studies equips student with these core competencies:

  • Financial management and budget analysis
  • People management and ethical leadership
  • Analytical thinking in cross-sector relationships
  • Administration and nonprofit management principles
  • Fundraising and donor cultivation

You will gain experience through a combination of theoretical and practical learning. In addition to coursework, our curriculum provides students with an internship opportunity. All NPLS majors receive the support of an internship coordinator who assists in securing quality internships and monitors students’ progress throughout the internship appointments. 

Career Opportunities:

With an undergraduate degree in Nonprofit Leadership Studies, students graduate with skills important to employers. The NPLS degree will help students prepare for careers in functional areas of program and service delivery, general management, volunteer management, grants administration, advocacy, general finance, and fundraising. Interested students will also be well positioned to pursue graduate work.

For more information on this program, contact or visit:
Department of Public Administration

Department: Ph: 940-565-2165

Undergraduate Program Coordinator:

204P Chilton Hall