Academic Certificate

Volunteer and Community Resource Management 

The Volunteer and Community Resource Management Certificate is an official UNT credential that appears on student transcripts. It is designed for students who are specifically interested in working with volunteers to help address a particular community issue or need.

To obtain the undergraduate certificate, a student must complete 12 hours of course work—9 hours of required courses and 3 hours of electives.

Course Required – Must take all three courses Typically Offered
PACS 4240 Volunteer Management Concepts & Applications Fall
PACS 4250 Community Resource Mapping & Collaboration Spring
PACS 4260 Volunteer Program Planning & Evaluation Fall
Course Electives – Choose one course Typically Offered
PACS 4200 Leadership Theory & Practice for Volunteer Managers Fall
PACS 4230 Social Evolution of Contemporary Volunteerism Spring

Individuals interested in obtaining this certificate must be enrolled at UNT and indicate their intention of completing the certificate with their academic advisor. For more information on this certificate, please contact HPS Advising Office for assistance: .

Students should apply to receive the certificate the semester they successfully complete all the necessary coursework (see table above). Successful completion means that students must have a cumulative average of 3.0 (B) or higher in their four certificate courses. Any course with a final grade less than a "C" will not count toward this credential irrespective of the cumulative grade point average in certificate courses.

Applications for the certificate are available at College of Public Affairs & Community Service Advising Office in Chilton Hall - 289. Applications are first reviewed by the Advising Office and then submitted to the Registrar's Office for processing.

Semester of last course Application due date Certificate mailed
Fall November 15th End of February
Spring April 15th End of June